LAP came about in 2016 when two friends had big dreams for the world of cycling.

We are a bike specialist retailer, carefully curating a portfolio of high quality bicycles across multiple categories and bringing the experience of buying a bicycle simple and personal. 

We have locations in London, Manchester & Edinburgh where you can bring your bicycle for a service, have great coffee with friends or simply enquire about our bicycles.


We believe in a future where bicycles become the main transportation in a city. This has happened already in Amsterdam and Copenhagen where over 40% of their residents commute by bike. 


E-bikes have turbo-charged this making it more practical, safer & easy to go around town and allowing people with different levels of abilities and fitness to ride a bicycle.


Bikes are going to change our cities forever, making them greener and healthier for everyone and at LAP, we want to be part of this journey.


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Boj, a passionate cyclist and successful entrepreneur, has over 15 years of experience in the retail, food & beverage and financial sectors.


Nico,professional cyclist since 2005 with over 20 Grand Tours to his name, is one of the most experienced and well respected riders in the peloton.